Insulation Solution – INSUL PAC UltraLine

Insul-Pac Ultraline has provided perfect insulation in hospitals or hotels to increase energy efficiency. Hospital architects and consultants have been carefully studied, with 4cm of thermal insulation and with a U value of 0.37 W/m2K. The use of this improved wall insulation reduces annual energy consumption for air conditioning or heating, the result is the [...]

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Cellulose Solution – Cell Spray

Our US made Cell Spray natural fiber spray has so many successful project cases in the world. The solutions are proven and a leader for building greener and safer thermal and acoustical insulation treatment. It passes many test to support different country building requirement or even higher international standards.

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CellSpray in Oil and Gas industries – Singapore

CellSpray system offer a highly flexible, high temperature insulation system that is fast becoming the recognised solution for dynamic application service. CellSpray specialities is providing heat-resistant for link ways, reactors rooms and other processing rooms, the system may use for thermal shock and catalytic heat.

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