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At Gingel, we are focused on providing dynamic science solutions through green, safe and manageable solutions and products for the Building & Construction Industries. With brands we supply for acoustical and thermal treatment, like CellSpray, Ultraline it is showing up for work at residential and commercial job sites around the region.

Case Studies Projects

Another sports hall given acoustic treatment using CellSpray, United Nations International School, Hanoi, Vietnam indoor basketball sports hall having high ceiling. When having a game or event in the hall, there is high reverberation echo.


Army Central Mosque in Dhaka Cantonment, Bangladesh. The central mosque was treated with CellSpray for acoustic treatment within the building to reduce reverberation noise. Also the treatment provided as a solution for thermal treatment control of heat.


Jerudong Mosque Project, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, another project on mosques uses CellSpray on acoustic treatment within the halls of prayers.


Singapore Ng Teng Fong Hospital at Jurong is one of the mega project that uses CellSpray and UltraLine to provide a Green and smart solution for both thermal and acoustic treatment. The system give a proven energy saving result to a 24/7 public service hospital.