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Our Cellulose products are designed and develop for various projects from the world famous iconic casino hotel or airport to a school hall or restaurant. Our cellulose spray thermal and acoustical system is yet a leader for being used in most project around the world. We not just developed high performance cellulose but yet the most economical and certify by most government departments in each country for it environmental friendly and stability. Our products ODM to many leading brands in various industries for different applications yet achieving Quality Control System in conformance to ISO 9002:1994 and Quality Management System in conformance to ISO 9001:2000.

We produced K-13 Cellulose Spray, Cell-Spray, Asona Cellulose Spray, Asona Spray

Why choose cellulose insulation?

Spray cellulose insulation is the safest and most economical in term on cost saving yet the most environmental friendly solution. It helps most all specific project requirements for insulation (R value), noise reduction (NRC), durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics. Most architects, acoustic consultants and customers specifically choose to use cellulose insulation because the insulation system do not add on heavy weights to the building structure like ceiling grids, supports or custom made structures. Also, it can apply on any shape of ceiling or walls, whether they are dome shape, round, triangular or pyramid. It can applied to virtually any properly prepared surface configuration of wood, steel, concrete, glass and other common construction surfaces. Our cellulose solution can be sprayed and hold up to 10 centimeter thick overhead in one application without mechanical support. In addition, the system can hold for 15 to 20 years exposed finish requiring no additional protection.

What is this insulation system?

The total insulation system are solution of light pure natural treated fiber applied with special compatible binder. By utilizing specially designed equipment with guided application method to form a self-supporting treatment system that produces unequaled performances. It is carpet-like texture after insult, our solution is especially attractive as a surface finish of ceilings in new construction as well as renovation projects. For walls and ceiling application in intense noise and tough environment, special method of application is utilized properties.

Various surface finishing for different requirements.


Thermal Performance & Condensation Control

The insulation system is a more effective product with exceptionally low heat transfer characteristics (Thermal Conductivity per ASTM C-177 & C-518 : R value = 4.54 @1” thick). The system provides unequaled strength allowing applications of 75mm (3/4 inches) to over 100mm (5 inches) providing R-values from 3 to over 19 without mechanical support. This saves great deal cost of buildings energy consumption in today’s increasing energy cost.
For areas such as indoor pools, ice arenas, data centers, mechanical rooms and 24-hour hospitals air-conditioned rooms; Cellulose insulation system aids in condensation and greatly helps to maintain in-door temperature both for space with and without air conditioner.

 Proper combination of our product and ventilation prevents condensation on metal, concrete and other surfaces. Thus, our installed product significantly saves your building’s energy consumption and actually reduces ventilation requirement, saving both your ventilation equipment and building’s energy operating costs.

Acoustic Performance

Our resilient fibers absorb energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation time and making speech and music performance more intelligible. Excessive unwanted noise is eliminated with the application of our product that greatly improves ambient sound quality in a wide variety of building projects, including: Auditorium, Convention & Exhibition Centers, Churches and other Religious & Worship Facilities, Discotheques and Entertainment Centers, Factory & Industrial Facilities, Meeting Facilities, Music Halls, Offices, Parking Garage, Power / Mechanical Rooms, Recording Studios, Retail Spaces, Schools and Universities, Sport facilities, Television and Movie Production Studios, and many others.

For more details on test reports, please contact us at info@gingel.com

Fire Ratings and Standards

1. Enhanced Application
Non-combustible in accordance with BS 476 Part 4:1970. For 50 mm thick application passed 71 minutes (one-hour and 11 minutes) Fire Endurance test in accordance with ASTM E-119.

2. Standard Application
Classified as Class 1 Building’s material, Class ‘A’ rating per ASTM E-84, UL-723, NFPA-255 and UBC-42. For 2” thick application – passed one-hour Fire Endurance test in accordance with ASTM E-119.

Please contact us for details, we may have each individual country building departments standard test report for your submission on our products. For China GB standard please indicate.

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C-177 & C-518): R value = 4.54 @1” thick. * Thermal conductivity is tested / measured at mean temperature of 70oF. Our product performs even more efficient at lower and higher than mean temperature.

Other Tests Result

1. Cohesion & Adhesion – Bond Strength (ASTM E-736) Min. >200 times its weight = >70 PSF For FC Acoustic Finish. Cohesive Strength at time of application: >700 gms

2. Test results per ASTM C-739 & C-739a
a. Smoldering Combustion Less than 1% weight loss (maximum permissible 15%)
b. Fungi Resistance No growth
c. Moisture Vapor Absorption % Weight gain = 1.3% (maximum permissible 15%) d. Odor Emission: No perceptible
e. Corrosion (ASTM E-739a) Steel = No perforations, Aluminum = No perforations & Copper = No perforations

3. Substrate Bond Deflection (ASTM C-1149) Meet (and exceed) ASTM C-1149 standard for spray applied product

4. Air Erosion (ASTM E-859) Found = 0.018 gm/ft2 (Allowable limit = 0.025 gm/ ft2) Standards Compliance


1. ASTM C-177 & C-518 Thermal Conductivity
2. ASTM E-119 Full Scale Fire Wall and Hose Stream Test
3. ANSI/UL 263 Fire Tests of Building Materials
4. BS 476 Part-4:1970 Non Combustible Test
5. ASTM C-423 Noise Reduction Coefficients
6. ASTM C-523 Light Reflectance
7. ASTM E-859 Air Erosion
8. ASTM E-736 Bond Strength
9. ASTM E-761 Compression Strength
10. ASTM C-1149 Substrate Bond Deflection
11. ASTM C-739 Moisture Absorption, Odor Emission and Smoldering Combustion
12. ASTM C-739a Corrosion
13. ASTM E-413-87 Airborne Sound Transmission
14. ASTM E-1042 Acoustical Absorption
15. ASTM E492-04 Standard Test Method for Laboratory – Measurement of Impact Sound Transmission Through Floor- Ceiling Assemblies using the tapping machine
16. ASTM E989-97 Standard Classification Impact isolation Class (IIC) rating
17. ASTM E-1007 Test Method for Field Measurement Impact Sound Transmission
18. ASTM E-1111 Inter-zone Attenuation of Ceiling Systems
19. ISO 140-3:1995 (E) Lab. Measurements of Airborne Sound Insulation in Buildings and Buildings elements
20. ISO 717-1:1996 (E) Rating of Sound Insulation in Buildings and Buildings elements

Please contact us for the standards require for your projects. For China GB standard please indicate.

Departments and Authorities Approvals

1. ICBO (International Congress of Building Officials) – No. 2262
2. SBCCI (Southern Building Code Congress International) – No. 9566
3. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) – No. R-5499
4. US Federal Defense Logistics Agency – Cage Code: ONJU2
5. US Department of NAVY Guide Specifications – NFGS 07218
6. Corps of Engineers Guide Specifications – CE 201.01
7. US Federal Specifications – # SS-S-111C
8. Office of Noise Control
9. Factory Mutual Research – Nos. 19678, 20399 and 24703
10. California Bureau of Home Furnishing Standards
11. OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
12. IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer)
13. NTP (National Toxicology Program)
14. US – EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) – EPA 40 CFR Part 248 15. MFPA – Germany
16. SPC – Luxembourg
17. STS Institute – Holland
18. BBZ – Swiss
19. TUV SUD PSB, Singapore
20. Bomba, Malaysia
21. LIPI, Indonesia
22. GB/T SGS, China