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Building towards a smart and sustainable city.

The Company

Gingel was incorporated in 2007, we are a privately held company headquartered in Singapore. Gingel started as a small trade company dealing with electronics, broadcasting equipment and building up studios. 

Today Gingel distributes products for building acoustic and thermal insulation work, customise acoustic carpentry work for business and interior application. In the result, we have the combination of both material and craftsmanship.

We provide sustainability materials with Green marks certification. We also provide solutions which are eco-friendly and efficient energy saving to provide high-performance building standards.

Gingel is working towards solutions to improve our working and living spaces. We deliver integration projects for building services requirements. For our architecture audiovisual and control system infrastructure works, We always think of creative ways to improve the job workflow and provide ubiquitous solutions.

We regularly undertakes building projects within Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Australia, Korea & Taiwan…