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Building towards a smart and green city.

Gingel was incorporated in 2007, we are a privately held company headquarter based in Singapore. We are a company which supplies thermal and acoustical materials, also solutions to improve building environments.

We supply three main products which are, Light Weight Thermal and Acoustical cement screed and plaster, Cellulose spray and inwall insulation, and inwall or surface Thermal and Acoustical insulation materials.

In Gingel, we are applicator on building acoustic and thermal insulation work, customise carpentry business and interior building work. As we provide types of acoustic room systems for commercial, musicians, and industrial usage. Which we have the combination of both material and craftsmanship.

In Building works, we provide Green marks products and solutions for new and existing buildings. Our solutions are eco-friendly, economical and efficient energy saving to provides high-performance insulation for Thermal, Acoustic and Noise Control to Green Building standards.

We regularly undertakes building projects within Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Australia, Korea & Taiwan…