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Environmentally Friendly

Most of the products we representing are made out of 80% post-consumer recycled materials or natural reinforced fiber. The materials takes less energy to make than any other insulation material. This is known as embodied energy and includes the total energy required to transport raw materials, manufacture and distribute the product. Fiberglass has up to 10 times more embodied energy than cellulose and foam products up to 64 times. Insulation, by reducing the amount of energy required to heat or cool a building, is environmentally friendly.

Thermal Performance

Thermal system insulation products we providing proven to have excellent thermal performance with certification by test labs. All our insulation products which are spray or coating can produce a monolithic coating, filling cracks, seams, and voids, reducing air infiltration. The sprayed insulation can be applied to any properly prepared surface, including metal, wood, concrete, urethane, styrofoam and glass. Most of our insulation systems have a Class 1, Class A fire Rating. Our products meet the high standards of Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual Research.

Energy Efficiency

To provide environmentally responsible practices are common place in the construction industry. Thermal treatment play an important role in achieving green building goals to reduce energy use on air conditioning or heater to keep rooms temperature. With proper thermal insulation, it will lower the operating costs and translating to longer product life and easier maintenance in the building. In Gingel, our  products given a healthier and safer for occupants in the building which comes from our use on non-hazardous materials and providing effective life-safety solutions. The product solutions reduces waste with high amounts of recycled content in our products and packaging to contributes to a cleaner environment.

Green Memberships

All our products are certified and we are committed to the green environment responsible. Our products are recognize with many organization bodies and associations around the globe. Our products were involved in many mega projects that nurture the growing of energy efficiency movement.