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Our advanced fiber product is simply and truly the most innovative fiber (and its derivative) product in the world. Our continuous research & development in fiber technology leading the invention of new high end fiber product(s) and component(s) that form proprietary system. Our range of products includes various fibers with excellent acoustical and thermal treatment for home, commercial and industrial buildings. It is an economical and efficient multi-function insulation with fast-track application for building’s treatment to achieve quiet and pleasant environment while saving energy consumption with healthy and safety building’s environment that comes with one-hour fire endurance. Our proprietary treatment systems provide architects, designers and builders with an infinite range of options in controlling sound energy and lighting on walls and ceilings. Utilizing “state of the art” technology in production, we present the finest fiber products that combined with our proprietary components form installed product with excellent and unmatched performances, both acoustical and thermal values. The use of our proprietary components make it possible to create exceptional performances in various type of applications, such as for Sound Transmission and Impact Noise treatment, as well as for noise reverberation treatment and building’s thermal control, with highest ratings and approvals in the Industry. Our products had been rigorously tested by various internationally recognized independent laboratories in comprehensive fields and obtain various certifications/approvals from international standards’ institutions; the most in its industry (Our product has been tested extensively and rigorously in North America, Europe and Asia). Our engineering team and advanced facilities allow us to continuously develop and test new product and treatment system. These factors enabling us to perform design and build scope of work with proven performance that save project’s cost while accelerating project’s completion and providing performance surety to our clients.

Product Limitation

As most building materials, our products should not be used in areas where there is prolonged exposure to water nor should it be applied or installed in areas with excessive exposure to extreme heat or fire and where combustible materials such as: heavy dust, oil mist/drip, resins or dusts, wood, metal sanding & grinding particles, outer layer of gypsum board or other flammable substance exist, which may create fire hazard and will burn if set on fire from ignition source such as spill over from hot works. If ignited, these contaminants will burn until consumed and can spread the fire to other building materials. Strict industrial maintenance procedure to control this from happening must be employed. This is very important during the execution of hot works (such as steel cutting or grinding) whereby extreme heat molten metal (exceeding 2000ºF) will spill over. Building materials, including Thermal and Acoustical insulation, should be protected by a wainscoting or blankets (as recommended and approved per ASTM and NFPA standards) in areas where severe or direct contact with ignition source (such as hot works) and combustible materials (as stated above) presence reasonably anticipated. All these conditions may be detrimental and will deform the applied product(s), while accumulation of unwanted contaminants may become hazardous. Our products are solely intended for building’s thermal and acoustical treatment with its fire ratings provided as additional benefits to users. Our spray applied product require curing process of 4 – 6 weeks.

Special Precautions

Application of product on certain type of surface may need preparation (sealing and priming) prior to application. This publication supercedes content of any previous publications issued through December 31, 2008.
* For detail information on limitations and precautions, please refer to our warning bulletins or contact our applicator.
** Limitations, Warranty and other terms and conditions are updated from time to time. And the terms and limitations are subject to change without notice. Please check our internet web site regularly for updates.


We warrant the insulation products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at time of shipment. Installation/application warranty is provided by our local sales offices and/or authorized applicators.

Supply & install to end-users are provided through our local sales offices and authorized distributors & applicators only. All installations/applications shall only utilize our special licensed equipment. Some handy installation product may be self-installed by end-users on their own risks. It is the sole responsibility of the end-user (customer) to determine compliance of the product with local building codes and other regulatory bodies. Installation/application and worker’s compensation insurance are the responsibility of local installer.

We herein publishing information and data based on generic tests and information available in selective public domain. We believe these data is as reliable as present “state of the art’ data in fire, thermal and acoustical, and can be used only as a guide for design. Tests results are in compliance with highest degree of appropriate standards and are conducted by internationally recognized independent laboratory utilizing “state of the art” facility, techniques and instrumentations. We are not responsible for building design, appearance and/or workmanship, and make no guarantee of performance of the building’s integrated system. The integrity of backing layer of spray applied product is not covered by our warranty in anyway.

We specifically disclaim any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Gingel and their management & employees be liable for special, indirect or consequential damage. We reserve the right to choose its applicator and to produce and/or fabricate its products partially or wholly in any designated plant/location as they see fit. Please contact us to reconfirm validity of authorization and/or license of your local applicator.