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** The International Code Council (author of the International Building Code) recommends that an “acceptable” level of performance for both STC and IIC is 55 (52 F-IIC). The “preferred” level of performance for STC and IIC is 60 (57 F-IIC). Maxxon Corporation makes no claims on the performance of competitor sound control systems. The performance level indicated is based on good acoustically designed and constructed wood frame assemblies with traditional components utilized.

An IIC and STC rating will generally be 5 points higher than a F-IIC and F-STC rating. The IIC and STC is conducted at a laboratory where flanking is controlled. The F-IIC and F-STC is conducted in the field where flanking is not as controllable, hence the 5 point difference.

This chart is for reference only. In order to achieve the correct sound control in a given assembly, consult us at to determine the right sound control mat for your project.