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Product Description

Our Architectural and Structural Noise Control Systems include the solutions for floor, wall and ceiling isolation systems, building isolations, and sound control floor underlayments.

We also design and supply pre-engineered Vibration Isolation for HVAC equipment for various requirements and sizes.

In addition, we complement our product range with a wide variety of sizes and performance via our Sound and Condensation Control (Vacuum) Glass Doors and Windows.

All our products are pre-engineered and customizable for each individual project, thus every item is designed to perfectly meet each individual’s needs. Thus, there will be no oversize product installed in your project which minimizes your project’s costs and maximizes your project’s performance on every level.

Durability and Maintenance

We provide Free consultancy service on Micro-Vibrant Spring Mount product because each product is pre-engineered with precision for different projects, it provides high quality assurances for our clients and virtually maintenance free products.

Our engineering team has the capability to undertake design and build scope of work for easy and simple project coordination with fast track schedule at economical cost. Please contact us if you need more information.

Compared to rubber mounts, spring mountings have increased static deflection resulting in greater isolation efficiency. This makes them more suitable for critical applications, or for mechanical equipment which have low disturbing frequencies. Spring mounts come in a range of deflections and maximum loads, so that the level of isolation can be accurately selected for each application.

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