Gingel, sustainability is not just a commitment; it’s a core principle. Our materials are sourced with a keen eye on environmental impact, holding Green Mark certifications.

We pride ourselves on providing eco-friendly solutions that contribute to efficient energy use, supporting Singapore and our region in their efforts to combat climate change.


Our product include of Acoustic and Thermal Cellulose Spray for walls and ceiling soffits.

This solution also act as a thermal insulation which helps to bring down the building temperature as a building envelope system.

So it reduce the energy cost from the air-conditioning beside solving other issues like sound, acoustic, condensation control or noise impact.


Traffic tunnels often generate considerable noise pollution, impacting both nearby residents and the environment.

To mitigate this issue, we have non-combustable material to implementing into various noise absorption and insulation techniques within traffic tunnels.

We offer premium insulation materials and solutions that consistently deliver high-quality results. Our products excel not only in terms of building biology but also environmentally, as they are well-tolerated construction materials manufactured with minimal energy consumption.

In environments such as carparks or bus depots, our insulation solutions effectively cool the area while simultaneously reducing noise reflection.